Five Tips for your First Job

A  first job is exciting – it means many things to many people – responsibility, freedom, money, goal achievement – definitely a major milestone in an individual’s life. It also instills an element of apprehension, tension and nervousness. The following things may be good to keep in mind in your first job:-

  1. Don’t “fake it until you make it.”

Relax! People know it is your first job; it is OK for you to not know everything!Be open to learning, and don’t fake knowledge. Ask questions to show that you are keen to learn. You can progress faster if you seek knowledge. Don’t be under the mistaken assumption that people will only value you if you know all the answers, and so feel the need to fake knowledge.

  1. Interact with people

One of the best things about a new job is the opportunity it provides to learn through first hand experience.Each individual with whom you interact for work, from the cleaning staff to the big boss, will offer you a new insight into your work life.The happiest and most successful people constantly ask questions and seek guidance from everyone around them.You will be surrounded by high performers, experienced professionals, and creative geniuses. Speak to them regularly. Be genuine in your respect and also humble in your attitude. It will be the most enjoyable journey for you!

  1. Learn effective stress management

Work life, like student life, is full of unmet expectations. As a student, assignments may have been incomplete, group projects may have been chaotic; similarly at work you will have to face such performance challenges. And unlike your student life, where teachers and parents help you to de-stress by building in regular breaks in your schedule, you can hardly expect the same at work. Your zeal to be a high performer may end up inyou working unduly long hours.While working long hours may be the need of the hour, it is imperative that from the beginning, you define your limitationswhich will help you in achieving work-life balance without burning your zeal out too soon.Take leaves and breaks whenever required to break the monotony.

  1. Learn to be a team player

Often, young blood mistakenly believes that it can scale great heights in its career by growing alone instead of working collaboratively with the team. Humility is a great virtue and so is an attitude of collaboration especially at work place. It helps earn trust and respect of your team members.

  1. There is no substitute for perseverance

Aptitude and perseverance go hand-in-hand for work life success.And nothing signals seriousness to your employer like promptness, perseverance, and dedication. Play it old school—be punctual and diligent.

While your work place may pose its own unique challenges to you, these basic principles can help you mitigate the basic challenge of people management.