IPCC Nov 2017 – Topper’s Tips -1

Hey, Its just 15 days for IPCC 2017. To turbo charge your preparation, we are planning to bring a series of articles on advice from Toppers  on  various aspects of IPCC Exam. First Topic in this series is “How To Revise & Schedule for IPCC for the Next 15 days”  Go through these tips and apply the ones which you suit you and are close to your heart.  Its our sincere endeavour to help you shine with flying colors in the coming IPCC exams. Happy Reading

Ronak Jain – IPCC Topper May 2017

” Basically the best strategy to revise is do not waste much more time in doing same things repeatedly. Cut the similar or easy questions . Have a target to revise whole subject a day before exams. For that Try to compress the 300 pages book into 50 page book. Mark important adjustments only rather than revising whole sum again. As only 20 days are remaining , revise theory subjects after completing practical ones so that they will remain fresh during exams”

Rekha Suthar – IPCC Topper Nov 2016

” The next 20 Days schedule matter a lot because you need to plan your study in such a way that you revise the syllabus plus solve the papers and even go through the amendments.

So first you need to divide the time in slots and have a combined study including paper solving and RTP and revise using you own notes as it would be effective and efficient “

Tanishq Kale – IPCC Topper May 2016

” The last few weeks of your preparation should be focused mainly on strengthening your hold over whichever topics / questions you found difficult during your first run through the syllabus. Try to draw up a schedule which covers every subject and attempt a quick revision which will not only help you take care of your weaknesses, but also give you a sense of confidence. There is no reason to focus on the actual number of hours that you study for, simply stick to your schedule so that you can ensure that no topic is left untouched in the end ”

Ayushi Goyal – IPCC Topper Nov 2015

” The mantra to crack any CA exam is to be true to yourself, to be sincere and not serious. Having said that, the best way to be prepared for exams is by setting up a time table where your time is properly allocated among all the subjects. The reason why CA papers are so famous is that there is no set pattern that one can predict, thus, you can’t leave anything and you have to be well-versed with everything that’s available. With just 20 days remaining, one has to ensure that he revises all the subjects at least once and then leave good 2-3 days for the first exam, i.e., Accountancy. This revision can be done by focusing on all the concepts and by practising few questions from each topic and marking the more important ones to be revised right before the exams in the preparatory leaves. All the best ”

We hope you had a happy learning. We will come back to you in four more days on ” Exam Presentation & Scoring Tips” from Toppers

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