How To Manage Work Life And Spend Time With Friends

For most of us, work has become an utmost stress that squeezes out all our energy and we are too tired to spend time with friends and family. The entire days goes in travelling to work and finishing the daily targets, we don’t get much time to for relaxation or a dinner in the evening. This cannot be happening our entire life, we have to change our routine and the way we work so that we get some time to have fun with friends and family.

While pursuing our degree time wouldn’t have been a problem at all, as we did not have any priority work to be completed whereas in the corporate culture we have numerous important things to be worked on. Only if we identify the smart way to work we can have a work life balance. Let us have a look at a few tips to follow on how to attain work-life balance.

  • Be efficient:

Be efficient while you are at work, find out the smart ways to work rather than following the same old method that will consume a lot of time and energy. Train yourself and be skilled at what you do. Reduce your breaks and utilise time in the right way, you may end up with a last minute struggle if you spend more time on breaks.

  • Set time for each goal:

Make the list of the tasks that has to be done today. Allocate time for each, depending on the time it will usually take, allocate time for breaks too and do not exceed the time you have assigned. Make sure the responsibilities are equally distributed.

  • Create a friendly environment:

The friendly environment will never make you feel stressed at work. Have a good rapport with your colleagues so that you can divert yourself for fun at work. Be honest and communicate in the right way. Organise some events wherein everyone can participate, this will create a good relationship with the teammates.

  • Do not over commit:

Be honest and tell your boss what you can do and what you cannot. Do not take responsibilities beyond you and end up staying in the office all time, this will also be a pressure for you. Take up tasks only which you can complete, do not overload yourself. Get support from colleagues if needed. Teamwork will help you succeed in a short period.

  • Take care of yourself:

Stay active and take care of yourself. Drink plenty of water and have a balanced diet so that you can stay fit and healthy. Schedule time for physical activity.

  • Meet your friends:

Make time to meet up with friends in the evening while returning from work, plan for a dinner or a weekend outing. This will make you feel relaxed. Try not to talk about office and spend some quality time recollecting your college memories. Make sure to attend weddings and parties that you are invited to, plan for a get-together or alumni meet in college once a year.


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