Life After College

College life is the most important period of everyone’s life. It is the sunshine period with full of happiness and no much worries about anything. The actual color of life will be experienced by you only when you are out of your college. There are few things which no one told you about the life after college, and here are those.

1. Semester is no more a burden, you have something bigger than that:

Your only hurdle in the college days would have been to clear a semester exam, and you have many more to come in the coming days. Starting from searching for a job, adapting from a student phase to an employee phase, switching over to the most responsible person, and the list never ends.

2. You won’t get an offer right after you step out:

Beware you are not going to get anything readymade on your hands. You are going to put a lot of efforts to achieve what you want. Believe that the best is going to happen to the efforts that you put on now. There is a huge competition is all the sectors and you should be very much skilled in order to showcase your talent. Develop your skills and mold your personality to get the best.

3. You might not get want you want:

In spite of being efficient you will be facing difficulties in finding the right job. You can also get an opportunity to work where there is no coincidence of what you studied and the work. This might also be due to the fluctuating industries standards. Be prepared for everything and face the challenges, make the right decision at the right time and the success is yours.

4. You’ve got to be fit

Gone are the days where you ate all the street foods and late night junk foods. You will miss the night show movies and sleep till the afternoon. Once you are into the corporate world you have to be at the office in the right time, and it is not advisable for you to stay awake late nights. Maintain proper diet and stay fit.

5. Forget about the gangs

Best thing of the college life is having a gala gang around you all the time. You will be roaming around with your gang everywhere you go and it is absolutely fun to be with friends. Life after college will make you very independent and you will have to do things all by yourself.

6. Changes in your personality

It is always nice to watch the young generation updating themselves to the latest trend. Sweat pants with your shirt buttons open would have been your style in college days, it’s time for you to switch over to the formal wear with a very decent look.

7. Finding time for friends is difficult

Once you are out of college and get involved with the day to day work you will find it really difficult to hang out with friend, weekends will be your only free time to meet your buddies.

8. You will face a different society

The looks of everyone will turn to you and you will be constantly questioned about your job. Whoever you see will first ask if you have got your placement. This is be totally new to you as you were in a different world of joy were no one would have questioned you about anything. Don’t lose your confidence.

9. Save every penny

Gone are the days where you can spend lavishly on everything, you’ve got to save more to meet your expenses and plan your future. Spending on unnecessary things will no more be encouraged.

10. Holidays are away

Forget about the holiday you get once in three months and the best college trips. You holidays in corporate life should be planned well ahead and it should be mostly once in a year only. There are some companies that even work on national holidays, stay strong to start working hard all the days.