Working in a New City

Working in a New City

Whether you’re moving to a new neighbouring city, or crossing international borders, settling down in a new city can be stressful.Here are some ways in which you can settle down quickly.

Do your research

It is important that you research your new city well in advance before moving there. Try to learn about the culture, familiarise yourself with the language, and note down the important things you need to bear in mind in the city. For example, while pushing your way into a metro may be acceptable in Delhi, you may necessarily need to wait for your turn in a queue in Tokyo even if you are late! Similarly, while Hindi may be an acceptable language for communication in Mumbai, it may not be so in Chennai. Find out from colleagues and others who have lived and worked in your new city about the do’s and don’ts.

The Internet is handy!

Use Google MapsYelp, or Citysearch to find some of the best places to eat, hang out, see movies, and so on. It can help you find out those places in your new city where perhaps people with interests similar to yours hang out and may help you make some new friends! Also you will get familiar with the city and it will always be useful to move around knowing where to find what.

Get help from people

Arrange to meet your long lost friends and family in your new city over a meal or movie. It is a great opportunity to re-connect with them. Also talk to strangers you feel comfortable around, and see if you can strike up a conversation. Ask for directions, or about the place in general. You never know; it may be the start of a long personal or professional association.

Take Initiative

Try and seek out like-minded people at work to spend time with after hours. Don’t be pushy, but being shy is not helpful. You need to make the first move sometimes! Joining a hobby class may be a good idea; it will not only help you feel happy and energised, it may also be a great way to get to know people and make friends. At the same time, it will ease your stress.

Be open to embracing your new city

You may not like the way people dress up in your new city or the way the sun rises earlier or later than usual than your earlier city, but embrace the change. Be patient and inquisitive without being negative about it. Soon enough, you may never want to leave your new city.